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Iran and Israel at each other’s throats

From the ABC News:

Israel's vice prime minister said Iran should be expelled from the United Nations after its new president said Israel should be "wiped off the map," and Britain summoned an Iranian diplomat Thursday to protest the remarks.

From What Really Happened:

Okay, let's just step back here for a little bit of context.

AIPAC is pushing for the USA to attack Iran for Israel

AIPAC spurring Congress to pass sanctions bill against Iran

Israel says Iran close to having a nuclear bomb

Israel warns on Iranian "nightmare"

Iran the next nuclear threat

Sharon stirs up conflict with Syria and Iran

Israel instructs America to attack Iran and Syria


US Assures Israel That Syria And Iran Are Next

Sharon Says US Should Also Disarm Iran, Libya and Syria

Israel urges harder int'l line towards Iran

Israeli foreign minister calls for international action against Iran in light of elections

Israelis urge U.S. to stop Iran's nuke goals

'Israel will take out Iran's nuke facilities if US does not'

According to al-Watan, Israel made it clear that it would only be able to wait until a certain date next year and would strike at Iran if no progress is made by that time.

Yes, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's statements are inflammatory, but he is hardly initiating hostilities here. Israel has all along been screaming for Iran to be attacked. President Ahmadinejad is reacting to what Israel has been saying and doing.

One more point, before you all get hot and bothered over poor little Israel's hurt feelings. President Ahmadinejad knows that by talking like this, he increases the chances for an invasion. But he acts like he has little to fear, which may be the truth if in fact Russia has agreed to a defense arrangement.

I agree. Stepping back and seeing the context shows it in a completely different light. Everyone wants to talk about how bad Iran is, but what people are ignoring is all the anti-Iranian threats and rhetoric that has been preceding this. What would any country do when faced with the threat of attacks from others? Obviously threaten them back.

This is how the game of war is played, and we are seeing the beginnings of what is to come. First the threats, then the battles.

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