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Is it a dream….

As part of my dream-building activities based on the ‘law of attraction’, I’ve been visualising and emotionalising driving a particular car. It’s a nice car. It’s a car that I’d just LOVE to drive.

Last weekend Deidre and I went to have a look at this car. I sat in it, felt the steering wheel in my hands, imagined driving it and feeling the experience. This is the car.

It’s a Chrysler 300c luxury sedan, imported from America. I think it looks awesome!

So anyway, as part of visualising and bringing it into my life, I was helped by my friend Ken this afternoon, with some ideas on how to get the car without actually paying for it.

I sent an email to the salesman I’d met last week, presenting a ‘radical proposition’. I lease the car from them for only what it would cost them to have it, like insurance, maintenance and registration, etc. Obviously MUCH cheaper for me than if I were to buy it at full price. In return for getting the car ‘free’ from them, they put whatever advertising they want on it, and I drive it around for a year.

It creates a win-win scenario, where I get the car I want, and they get increased exposure to the public of this new car, as well as extra advertising, which only increases their sales and overall profit.

It’s a ‘radical concept’, I know, but hey… you never know what will happen if you don’t try to make it happen. They can only say no. But they might say yes too.

The salesman is yet to reply to my email. I’ll let you know the result.

UPDATE: I just got a call from the salesman who said that my proposition caused the directors to scratch their heads a while as they thought about it, but unfortunately the depreciation of the car was too much for them to consider it as a feasible option. Worth a try though. 🙂

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