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My Sunday, lovely Sunday

Yesterday – Sunday – was a lovely day. Considering that we’ve had almost a week’s worth of freezing cold, torrential rain, and general nasty storminess, yesterday was an absolutely fantastic day!

We started the day by having brunch (breakfast/lunch) with some friends, and then going for a walk around Oriental Bay.

After the lovely walk around the harbour, we went to a bed store, so that we could find ourselves a foldup bed / couch for the spare room. Deidre wants to make the spare room into her ‘special place’, where she can relax and chill out in her own space. As a result, the best solution, I felt – and which she agreed with – was to get a couch / bed, so that she can relax on the couch while enjoying the space of the room, and then when we have guests we can just fold out the bed for them.

So we bought a nice one yesterday. It’ll be delivered in 6 weeks.

Then we went to have a fruit smoothie and sat and watched the people go by, followed by a visit to Tory Motors to have a look at the car that I want to upgrade to if I don’t get the ‘free’ Chrysler. We took it for a test drive out to Petone, then home, then back to the dealership.

It’s a BMW 728i, built in 2000. Beautiful to drive, very smooth, very luxurious. Deidre loved it. So did I. Only done 40,000 km too, which is average of 6,600 km a year… I think the original owners must’ve used it just to go shopping with! I’ve averaged about 12,000 km a year in mine over the past 6 years, which is also not much. But now that my car is over 14 years old, with over 200,000 km on it, it’s time to upgrade. That’s why I’m looking around at new cars. And it’s why I’m working on ‘manifesting reality’, bringing a new car into my life by visualising and test driving and emotionalizing the experience.

Here’s my current car, which doesn’t look as good now as it does in these photos (which were taken over 5 years ago). The paintwork is a little ‘faded’ now… 🙁

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