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Is your phone just a phone?

My phone is a lot more than just a phone. It’s essentially my personal computer when I’m out and about. It’s there to keep me connected with the things that are important to me.

Anything I might need to know, I can just Google it. Whether it’s in a cafe, on the bus (not that I ever take the bus these days), walking by a lake, or driving through mountain ranges in my car. Whatever I need to know – in the moment – is there for me.

It provides reminders to important events that I’ve set. It allows me to communicate with people – not just by texting them, but also with instant messaging (IM) like Google Talk, etc. I can keep up with emails.

Photography is an important element of my life, and my phone also takes photos. With an app I use called Snapseed, it processes the photos to look just amazing. With an 8MP camera and fancy (but easy) processing, the photos can look really impressive. (Like the photo at the beginning of this post that I took of the sunset last night).

I keep up to date with what my friends are doing on Facebook, or what certain people or organisations are doing or sharing on Google+. They provide interesting bits of information to help flesh out my day, and sometimes it’s interesting enough to share out with my own followers on those same sites.

I also use my phone occasionally to write blog posts, or keep up with various blogs I follow in Google Reader. And I use the Kindle app to read books that I’ve purchased from Amazon.

All these things are done on my phone. Only a few years ago there’s no way I could have done them all on anything other than my desktop computer or laptop, so it’s pretty amazing how far technology has come.

My phone’s a Samsung Galaxy Note I. I’ll be upgrading soon to the Note II, and looking forward to more of the same, but faster.

I’m not sure what the future will bring. Smartphones are our portable computers, and I’m not sure they can get smaller while still being practical. Google is working on Google Glasses, which will provide ‘augmented reality’ holographically projected in front of your eyes. This will apparently allow you to receive a lot of the information you get on your phone, but projected in front of your eyes instead. Voice controls will allow interactivity. Instead of texting, I can imagine we’ll be using it for voice and video calls.

I’m looking forward to the future. I always have, it just keeps on getting more and more interesting.

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