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Sleepwalkers are everywhere. They’re all around us. You might even be one of them! Sleepwalkers are those people who are just sleepwalking through life, on autopilot, being reactive instead of proactive. Some people call them zombies.

They’re victims of their life, at the mercy of its ebbs and flows. They don’t take control, they just exist. They sit in front of TVs and waste their life away. They get caught up in drama in their life, or they create drama, just so they can feel alive.

As I sit here in this shopping centre, writing this article, I see them walking past. You can do it too, if you sat down somewhere and took the time.

How many of them do you think are drifting through their life and not even aware of their own potential? How many of them don’t even realise there’s more to this life than what they’re experiencing right now?

Many of them are too afraid to step outside of their routine, or outside of their comfort zones. They prefer to stick with the familiar than explore the unfamiliar.

Over Christmas and the New Year, I drove 5,000 km in two weeks. I visited and experienced amazing locations and activities across a large area of Australia that most people never will. I drove on beautiful beaches stretching over the horizon, and drove up and down 100 foot sand dunes. I experienced parts of this beautiful country that I’ve never been to before, but always wanted to.

Returning to civilisation, I look at the cars on the road, and the people all around me, and I know that most people will never get out of their home city, let alone their state. I feel like I’ve seen more of this world that most of them never will.

I know that’s true for anything, and I know that there are still many people in this world who see and experience things that I never will.

The unfamiliar is attractive to me. I seek it out. I’m aware that there is more in this world than what we take for granted, and I want to get our there and find it and experience it.

As a result, I don’t feel like a sleepwalker. I feel like I’m awake. Even though I’m doing a lot of the things most people are, I’m aware of myself in this world, and I’m seeking a lot more than to just keep on existing with no change.

I’m seeking to explore this world, but to explore my inner world as well. I’m wanting to open my eyes and see much more than what I currently do.

I feel like I take control of my life in a way that improves it, and that’s what’s important to me, and what makes me think in not a sleepwalker.

Do you know any sleepwalkers in your life? Or do you think you’re one of them

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