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It’s time to return

After being inundated with complaints from the horde of screaming fans (hi Ella!), I figure it’s time to return. Plus, I’ve gone through a few emotional issues now, and feel much better. It’s actually quite fascinating how the loss of a parent can affect you, when you never thought it would. At least, you never think you’ll be affected the way you end up being affected…

I’ve changed the template of this blog, in preparation for another change in my life. I like working with the changes in my blog reflecting changes in my life. I think that works well. This change is, according to some feedback I’ve already received, much more professional looking, and better to read.

If you have any of your own feedback, please let me know in the comments section.

The universe is working in mysterious ways in my life, bringing new experiences into it, and new lessons. New challenges, which are reflections of old challenges. Obviously lessons I haven’t learned properly enough, and which I need to revisit. So I’m working through those things as well.

I’m thoroughly enjoying the car, and it feels like the more I drive it, the more I enjoy it! There are some fascinating and enjoyable experiences that I’m having. Like tonight, for example. I was driving along at a decent speed of 70 kmh (43 mph) when this moron decided that I didn’t exist, so he pulled out in front of me while I was only 2 or 3 car lengths away from him.

Not having time to brake, I swerved to avoid him, and the car swerved brilliantly! I swung out away from him into the lane next to me – luckily there weren’t any cars there – and pulled around him as he kept on coming into the road, and then swerved back into the lane I’d just swerved out of.

With such a forceful swerving, it didn’t even feel like it. It felt completely under control, with no loss of traction or anything, and no sense of extreme swaying. You know how when you do a sharp swerve the car sways, and that helps to lose control? The centre of gravity is shifted, making the car harder to control.

It was a moment just like this that I bought the car with the features it has. Dynamic Stability Control, Traction Control, anti-lock braking… all good things to have. I’m absolutely certain that if I was in any other ‘average’ car, that idiot driver would have caused a mighty crash.

So, I’m back. More posts will come soon. I hope you have a good Easter break, and see you on the other side.

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