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Jobs and storms

(This was written Thursday 1st March 2007)

I’m sitting in a small shopping centre at 8:30am, having dropped Deidre off at her new admin job at Canberra Hospital. Yay! One of us has a job now! I’m about to have a coffee while writing in my trusty writing pad, as I wait for a nearby job interview at 10am.

The job is for a small company that does web hosting. I’m applying to join the team that provides support to that service. I think the role would only pay about $40-$50k a year (edit: I overestimated by about $15k….), so I’m not that excited by it. I was when I first applied for it, but yesterday something happened….

I applied online for a service desk team leader role, and the recruitment agency rang me almost immediately. Turns out that the role is a 6-month contract, extendable, and paying $130-$160k per year. Now THAT’S exciting! I’ll be interviewed for that at 2pm today. (Edit: it went well, and I’m awaiting a second interview…)

So far I’ve been rejected on two positions (not technical enough for both of them), and waiting to hear back on another. My service desk skills and experience seem to be worth a lot more than I thought they would… Nice!

We’ve been having some amazing storms here the past couple of weeks. Two nights ago we had torrential rain, lightning almost every second, and enough hailstones to make you think it’d been snowing. Here’s some great photo examples of what I’m talking about.

Some suburbs were without power, including ours, and we ended up enjoying a candle-lit evening before going to bed. However, the next day we discovered that the Pay TV (TransACT) receiver was dead. This was a bit of a large problem because it also is how we get our internet! A technician is coming to replace it today, but it meant we had no internet all day yesterday and half the day today. I was forced to go into town to a restaurant that has free wifi at lunch time and after dinner. Emails about jobs needed to be responded to! And catching up on the news of the world too….

I’ll be so glad when it’s back.

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