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King Kong revisited

Deidre and I saw King Kong last night, the second time for me. An absolutely hilarious event happened for me… but not for Deidre. There was a scene when Ann Darrow was being checked out by a giant centipede… Deidre hates bugs. Really hates them. Hates them so much that seeing a giant centipede with its giant feelers touching Ann’s face had Deidre almost hysterical. So while she’s screaming – literally screaming – with horror, disgust and whatever else, I was laughing at the fact that she was screaming. I’ve never seen her screaming like that before in a movie, so it was quite amusing.

I’m glad we didn’t go to the cinema to see it, as we probably would have been thrown out. As it was, I was afraid that the neighbours might call the police, thinking I was murdering her or something. *grin*

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