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Military service for young people

Scot wrote about his son becoming an American soldier, something which I thought was good writing, ‘capturing’ me and dragging me into his perception of the events. It made me feel like I was there. In one of his comments he wrote, “When it comes to teaching young people etiquette, the armed services wins hands down.

This is something I agree with wholeheartedly. However, not just with etiquette, but also with respect and discipline. The young people of today, the teenagers and the early 20-somethings, they generally and mostly have no understanding of respect, or with the discipline that is needed to become successful adults. Successful in becoming valued members of society.

The politically correct societies of the western world, particularly America, have created a society where self responsibility doesn’t exist, where blame is assigned to anyone and anything except oneself. When the politically correct society tells you that you’re not at fault, that it’s the fault of the education system, your parents, your friends, your peers, your government, and any other thing they can blame, then this same society is teaching the young to avoid self responsibility.

When you have no responsibility for your actions, you have no understanding of respect, which is the essence of ‘good manners’. Respect only comes when you understand the repercussions of your actions, and you know that doing something bad or wrong will result in bad things happening to you. Respect is about ‘self preservation’, about making sure that you look after yourself and others, in order to be looked after by them in return. If you fail to be respectful, then you will reap the consequences of your actions. This adds an incentive to be respectful.

However, the young people of today are being shown that generally there are no consequences for their actions. When they are not responsible for their actions, then other people are made to suffer the consequences. There’s too much ‘hand slapping’, etc, in society, and encouragement to avoid responsibility.

Being in the military teaches responsibility, and teaches that irresponsible actions have serious consequences. It encourages self-responsibility, discipline and respect.

I’ve had the opinion for a long time that in order to create a better society, compulsive military service should be enforced for all able-bodied people from the age of 18. This would have positive effects on society by teaching them respect, discipline and self-responsibility. It’d be teaching them effective management skills as well, which is positive for employment and new businesses. The economy benefits due to low unemployment and related costs, and society benefits due to less crime. It’s only those people who have no respect, no discipline and often no hope who become criminals.

While compulsive military service wouldn’t solve all of society’s ills, it would certainly improve it. And for those who aren’t aware, I’ve also served in the military from 18 – 21. I understand the value of it, and speak from experience.

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