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Men caused this problem

In a misguided attempt to avoid offending women, men have become cowards. By letting women strive for equal rights without men’s input, men’s rights became diminished. As a result we have human rights and women’s rights, but we’re missing men’s rights. We really should just have human rights.

Women let their emotions drive them, and there’s nothing wrong with that. They are feminine, emotional creatures after all. But men need to understand that. When masculine logic and rational influence is removed, then the results become emotionally driven. What feminism has created has been emotional, not logical.

The problem with this is that when the emotion fades, the creation remains. Logic would have said, ‘This makes no sense, so it needs to be changed or disregarded’.  A woman’s response would be ‘You want to disregard women!’ And since men didn’t want to be seen as disregarding women, they caved in to the emotional demands. As a result, we live with these emotionally-driven issues today.

When Australia’s Prime Minister was a woman (Julia Gillard), she naturally influenced public opinion. The problem was that she also influenced it with accusations that anyone who disagreed with her obviously hated women. The Opposition Party was labelled as misogynist because they opposed the PM, even though it was their role to oppose the government to bring balance. That the PM was a woman became a means of attacking and silencing her opponents. There was discussion in the media that voting against her at the next election was proof you hated women, so if you didn’t want to be thought of as a misogynist, you better vote for her. Because she was a woman. It was disgusting.

Just because a person in power is a woman doesn’t mean they’re not also stupid, just like men in power might be. If they make stupid decisions or statements, calling them on it doesn’t mean you hate women. It just means you’re calling out a public figure for their stupidity. Their gender doesn’t matter. But feminists want you to believe opposing a woman’s political policies is proof that men hate women. Even if they’re stupid policies, or emotionally-driven policies that make no sense. If you don’t support them, you’re a misogynist.

This is an attempt to censor freedom of speech, and criticism of women or feminism.

Feminists don’t want equality. They don’t see how being equal could resolve their feelings of bitterness, anger or entitlement. They don’t actually want to be equal to men. They want to be better than men. It’s a sign of how insecure they are. Only the insecure want to destroy the secure to make themselves feel better. Ultimately, these are the behaviours of bullies.

When you see angry, hateful, feminist women, you’re seeing emotionally or physically abused women acting out as bullies. They’ve been hurt in their past, and they’ve felt powerless against the men who hurt them. Whether family, friends or strangers, it doesn’t matter. They hate every man who reminds them of their abuser and how powerless they were, and so they want to lash out at all men.

By not doing anything to fix the problem, men are only helping the problem get worse. With their misplaced support of emotionally-driven feminist bullies, their cowardice in the face of feminist anger only grows.

When a man gives in to the unreasonable, emotionally-driven demands of women, his weakness only gives her strength. It reinforces her feelings that she should be superior, because she sees his weakness and judges him as pathetic.

She doesn’t want men to be weak and give in, she wants men to be strong but without being abusive. She wants to feel safe and supported in her own vulnerability, but most men don’t give her that opportunity. They mistakenly thinks she knows what she wants, and so they give her the freedom to be empowered by her own choices. Except her choices are based on anger and bitterness. They’re the wrong choices.

To fix the problem, men have to become strong and secure again. They have to stand up with strength and conviction for themselves and their brothers, and refuse to be bullied.

But they have to do it in ways that avoid abuse and only show compassion, understanding and love without losing their own strength. It was men’s abuse of women that caused the problem in the first place. Continuing to abuse them is not the solution.

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