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Feminism is a cancer on civilisation

There’s a new #FeminismIsCancer hashtag making the rounds on Twitter. I’m one of those who are happy to see it. The definitions of cancer include: “an evil or destructive practice that is hard to contain or eradicate”. It’s occasionally used in statements like ‘racism is a cancer,’ and now it seems to be gaining popularity with ‘feminism is a cancer’.

As you might expect, I couldn’t agree more.

Historically, feminism brought about changes allowing women to have an equal footing in society. They succeeded, and that’s a great thing. But modern feminism has evolved to become hostile towards all men.

If you’re being honest, you know there’s a hostile division today between men and women. Feminism has created laws and social attitudes that benefit women while excluding men. It’s created and expanded upon the idea that women have been slaves to oppressive men throughout history. Except it’s a lie.

Women have generally been honoured and respected throughout history. That’s why we had the policies like ‘women and children first’. Women have been important to our survival, and that’s been a recognised fact. Women were never ‘slaves to men’. That implies men have never been slaves too, which we know is false.

The truth is that women and men have both been slaves to tyrannical leaders throughout history. It’s been mostly male tyrants, for sure, but there have been female tyrants too. Women like Margaret Thatcher, Catherine the Great, Queen Mary, Elizabeth I, Cleopatra, and others. Throughout history women have played their part in the suffering of countless people, just like men have.

The ideology of modern feminism has been of great benefit to women who dislike men and men’s roles in society. Their goal is to destroy society as it is, and create a new one where women are superior to men. Many feminists strive to campaign against men’s rights or interests for this reason.

The promotion of this anger has resulted in many divisive legal and social situations for men. We have laws that favour women over men, or give lesser penalties to women for the same crimes as men. We have courts that favour women as the sole parent, even if they’re unsuitable mothers. We have airlines that treat men as pedophiles, placing unaccompanied children next to women. We have male teachers treated as pedophiles, unable to teach without supervision or observation. We have social attitudes that men appreciating the joys of children are pedophiles, requiring police intervention. Even if those children are their own. We have a general hostility in society towards masculinity in general, with the result being social pressure for men to be more feminine. As a result, many men are confused about their role. They don’t know what’s expected of them in society any more. ‘Being a man’ carries shame and scorn. Increasing numbers of men are committing suicide from depression, or they’re no longer interested in navigating the hazardous minefields of male-female relationships and choosing to ‘go their own way’.

What saddens me is seeing men forced to abide by these hostile rules of modern society. If women had to put up with the same hostility that men do, there’d be riots in the street. Men have to ask permission from their female partners for everything they want to do, but woe betide any man who might expect the woman to ask HIM for permission as well. I’m not saying women should ask for permission from their male partners for things they want to do. I’m saying men shouldn’t have to ask either.

Of course, if you’re a man making sure you remain compliant with female demands, then you’ll be wondering what all the fuss is about. You walk around on egg shells to avoid upsetting women, but you don’t even realise it’s a problem. It’s just what you do. So all this will seem like fantasy to you. You’ll laugh at all those who are up in arms about feminism. It’s not something you’ve ever had to worry about or experience yourself. But unfortunately, many men have suffered in society just because they’re men. Their reality is completely different to your own.

Any feminist belief that since men have abused women in the past it’s therefore ok for women to abuse men today is not acceptable. Engaging in injustice today because of injustice in the past just makes you stupid. It shows a desire to punish rather than a desire for equality and justice. Why should men today be punished for the actions of men hundreds of years ago?

Many feminists prefer tearing men down instead of celebrating their achievements. Why? Because they’re men and not women. Women should be supported and encouraged for their achievements, but not men. The number of feminists priding themselves for that shows we have a significant problem. It’s dangerous, and it’s hypocritical.

It’s not just the radical feminists behind all this. Feminists in general don’t stand up and object to what the radical feminists are saying or doing. So as far as I’m concerned, ALL feminists are radical feminists. If they’re not opposing the radicals, then they must be radicals too. This means they’re all part of the problem behind this division in our society.

If you’re a feminist and you OPPOSE the division that’s been created, what have you been doing about it? Where were you when feminists complained about men sitting with their legs too far apart? Where were you when feminists said, ‘We don’t care that you landed a probe on a comet. How DARE you wear that shirt with women on it!’ Where were you when feminists demanded ‘safe rooms’ for women in American universities so they can avoid uncomfortable ideas – which defeats the entire purpose of going to university? Where were you when feminists demanded accused rapists be guilty without investigation? What were you doing when your girlfriend abused her boyfriend or husband in public? Did you giggle at how funny it was? What if it was a man abusing his girlfriend or wife in public? Would you giggle at that too? Where were you when feminists demand that men be fired from jobs for using words that offended them? Where were you when feminists campaigned to #killallmen?

If you’re not opposing feminism’s war on men, then you must be in favour of it. Shame on you.

The trust and love that once existed between men and women is withering away to die a painful death. It’s a cancer that affects us all, that affects our civilisation itself. Feminism is eating away at the social cohesion of our society. It’s creating division and hostility between men and women. It’s creating a gender war with the only acceptable result being the destruction of the male.

Do you care about the advancement of our society and civilisation? Do you care about harmonious relationships between men and women? Do you care about equality for all? Then you HAVE to stand up and do something to fight the cancer that is feminism.

What are you going to do?

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