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Continuing on with the ‘most popular’ theme, these are the most popular posts on this blog at this point:

1 Alanz Eyes
2 Do you live with a passive aggressive partner?
3 Use the Law of Attraction to find love
4 My name is Inga, I am from Sveeden
5 My Resume
6 I stubbed my toe
7 Passive aggression and relationships
8 Making the Law of Attraction work for you
9 The All Blacks Haka
10 Ratings system installed!

Most of these popular pages are based on keyword searches bringing people to this site. So while My Name Is Inga is the most popular search phrase, it’s not the most popular page on this blog.

Apart from the home page, ‘living with a passive aggressive partner’ and ‘using the law of attraction to find love’ are the top two pages on this blog.

This is good. The readers have spoken. There’ll be more of this stuff coming in future.

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