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Moving forward at work

I'm in the same room as Ken, and have been for 2-3 weeks now.  It's the network administration and telephony support room, and where this room was originally built for only one person, it now holds 3 of us.  And to think that it used to hold 4 and they wanted me to come into it to make 5 of us in this room…  Luckily common sense won the day, and after 2 of them were kicked out, I moved in with Steve and Ken.

I've discussed my role in the company with my manager at the beginning of this week.  While I'm still unsure about exactly what I'm going to be doing and how much I'm going to be paid for it, I'm at least getting a little closer.  My wages are apparently related to my job description and until the job description is sorted out on an official level, the wages will remain unknown.  So I created an official job description today, taking the best parts of two different job descriptions and putting them together into one.  The two other descriptions are: 'System Administrator' and 'Service Delivery Manager'.  I also threw in a third mix, which is 'Microsoft Sharepoint Administation and Support'.  I'm not sure what the end result is going to be called, but at least I'm getting closer to having a wage package sorted out. 

My new laptop received final approval today, after I whinged and complained that without it I was unable to do the work that they wanted me to do.  I should apparently be getting it tomorrow!  Apparently…  I'll be awesomely happy if I DO get it tomorrow, but I'm sure it'll be next week instead.

At least things are FINALLY moving forward, after over 4 months of waiting.  Phew!

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