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My blogging life

I don’t know how much of a blogger you are, or even if you’re a blogger at all (a blogger is someone who writes for a blog; usually their own, but not always), but I am a blogger. To me, being a blogger means that I go through life thinking about what I can write about on my blog. The people that I see, the places that I go, the things that I do. I’m always thinking, how can I write about this on my blog?

Most of what I do never gets to see the light of (a blog’s) day, but the thought is always there in the back of my mind. How can I turn this into a story, or an article? If I take a photo of it, will it be interesting enough to put on my blog?

I read other people’s blogs, or I read the news or some article, and I’m wondering if any emotional reaction I feel is worth blogging about. Most of the time it’s not, but sometimes it is.

And then when I write, I wonder how I can frame it in such a way that it’ll be interesting to the readers. I want it to have a feeling that is unique to me, but that is interesting in some way to someone who doesn’t know me.

Most of all, I write about things that are important to me, that interest me, intrigue me, that cause a reaction in me. I write about things that I see, feel, hear, touch, and smell. Well, sometimes that I smell…

I write about my life, through my eyes. I love writing about it. I love writing it for me, and for you. I hope you enjoy my blogging life as much as I do. 🙂

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