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The journey (holiday!) begins

I’m sitting on the plane right now, at 34,000 feet somewhere over the water between NZ and Australia. This is the first time I’ve used the laptop actually on a plane, and there just ain’t enough room to ‘spread my wings’, so I’m doing this painful two finger typing instead of the normal, relaxed touch typing I normally do. I don’t think I’ll be writing that much while onboard…

We went to bed last night around 11pm, waking up to the alarm at 2:45am. Getting up, running around doing last-minute packing – the stuff that has to be done at the last minute, like packing away toiletries, etc – we caught the shuttle bus that arrived at our door at 3:50am, arriving at the airport around 4:15am. It’s now 7am and Deidre’s watching an inflight movie while I write this.

I forgot to bring my earphones so I can’t listen to my music on the laptop while I write this, having to listen to the crap they have on the flight instead. The sacrificess one has to make… At least I can’t hear that bloody baby crying a few seats back.

The excitement level of this trip has been building up and up over the past few months, weeks, days and hours. Deidre’s been jumping up and down the past day or so, which has been really cute. When I say ‘jumping up and down’, I mean it. *grin* I handle excitement a little differently to her. I think it’s the INFP personality of mine, which has the introverted feeling aspects. I feel the excitement but I keep it inside of me.

Emelie called last night, all the way from Sweden. Thanks Emelie! It was great to hear from you, and to be wished bon voyage.

I’ll write more soon.

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