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My political policies

Back in 2005, I wrote a post on my old blog about my political policies, as if I was creating my own political party. I thought I’d revisit them here.

Most people want to pay less taxes but receive more. This is impossible. The only way we can provide more to society is by paying more, and so I would increase taxes. GST will be increased on those goods that are actually harmful to a person’s health, eg. smoking and alcohol. If they’re going to harm themselves, then they’ll have to pay more towards the eventual health care that will be a result. Income tax will be increased in order to accommodate changes to the welfare system (eg. a new tax called ‘welfare insurance’) and the transport system. Where the government has been responsible for mismanagement, the new government using these policies will be more open and accountable for responsible management of government income to improve all aspects of New Zealand.

Businesses that harm the environment will be rewarded with tax breaks if they put something back INTO the environment, either by making their industrial processes more environmentally friendly, or by working at restoring environmental damage. Petrol taxes will be increased. This will encourage people to use their cars less, thus helping the environment, and also help in building up petrol reserves to accommodate the coming shortage of oil and oil products. The income from increased petrol taxes will go towards research and development of improved technology to make transportation friendlier to the environment, cheaper to run, and to fund the research of alternative fuel sources.

Using extra income from income and petrol tax, the roads will be improved to create safer driving conditions. Speed limits will be increased on those stretches of road that facilitate a higher speed, and reduced on the more dangerous areas. There will be harsher penalties for breaking the speed limit, and for drivers who were ‘at fault’ in accidents. Anyone caught drinking and driving 3 times within a 3-year period will have their licence taken away for 1 year, and on probation for 2 years after that. Probationary licences are issued at age 18, transferring to a permanent licence at age 20. Those under the age of 24 will have to do a compulsory advanced driving course. People over the age of 70 will need to do a practical driving test and medical exam every 12 months. These will be requirements to reduce road deaths.

The common law of: ‘do to others as you would like them to do to you’ will be upheld. Anyone can do whatever they like, as long as their actions do not hurt, or have the potential of hurting, themselves or anyone else. Free speech and freedom of choice will be upheld, but no one will have the right to force anyone to do what they believe is best, since ‘best’ is subjective. Education programs will be put into place to advise of the responsibilities of the community and the individual to each other. Prison sentences for serious crimes will include rehabilitation programs, with parole being eligible only for those who successfully undertake rehabilitation. For those who choose not to undertake rehabilitation programs or show they are unable to be rehabilitated, their sentence will continue until rehabilitation is completed. Any person who is released back into society must become a positive member of society. Any repeated serious crimes will result in life sentences in maximum security prisons, as per a variation of California’s ‘Three Strikes Law’ (applicable only to serious crimes).

Unemployment benefits will be changed. The welfare insurance being paid by all workers will go towards ensuring that the same level of income a person received while working will continue to be paid to them for up to 6 months after they lose their job. It will decrease each month after that. After 12 months of unemployment, they will need to provide details of fixed costs (eg. rent, mortgage, bills, education, etc) which will be paid directly by the government. Food vouchers will be given to these unemployed to pay for food. A minimal income will be paid for miscellaneous costs. This is to encourage long-term unemployed to find work and avoid the embarrassment of having to hand over food vouchers, etc. The political correctness of helping people avoid embarrassment and responsibility is only detrimental to their wellbeing and development.

Everyone will have the right to own and maintain firearms. However, stringent testing and background checks are required, along with firearm registration. Compulsory firearms education and shooting club memberships will be required for all members of a firearm-owning household. This is to avoid the mystery and ignorance of firearms usage, where children, for example, are curious about the firearms hidden away and have to experiment. Children will be encouraged to participate in shooting clubs and firearms education programs, with parental guidance.

It is not a government’s responsibility to dictate the nature of relationships that consenting adults choose to have. Therefore, relationships that include same sex, monogamous and even polygamous relationships will be allowed. If consenting adults who are related and over the age of 18 choose to have a relationship, this will be allowed. Just because a type of relationship makes others uncomfortable does not give them the right to stop it.

People will be treated as people, rather than as Maori, Pakeha, Indian, Asian, etc. All people will have equal rights available to them, and there will not be any benefits or penalties based on the colour of a person’s skin. Support will continue for cultural and historical influences within society.

That will do for now. These may, and likely will be, changed or added to as time goes by and more information and views become apparent to me.

I’d be interested in your own feedback about these policies. What do you think of them? What do you see as their flaws? How do you feel they could be improved?

Please leave your opinion. 🙂

Thanks for reading! Please add your own thoughts below.

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