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Nigerian scammers

I had someone contact me on Yahoo messenger last week. She was an attractive woman from Nigeria who told me she was coming to New Zealand to start up an import/export business in Palmerston North, and she wanted to get to know a few New Zealanders before she came over. Fair enough, I thought, but the first thing I told her was that I wasn’t single and wasn’t looking. She said that’s ok, and asked if we can still be friends. Sure, I said.

We talked briefly once more since then, and then again today. I asked when she was coming to NZ. She said she’s having a problem with her Visa. Immediately, this little non-naive person (me!) knew what the story was.

I asked her what kind of problem? Financial, she said. I asked her if she needed some money. Yes, she said. I asked her if she would like me to give her money to help her get to NZ. She said she didn’t know how to ask, but yes. I said I bet she says that to all the boys. 🙂 She didn’t understand. I said goodbye.

If anyone from Nigeria contacts you and seems to be friendly, it’s just another scam. It’s a sad day when every single contact you have with any person of Nigerian nationality has them trying to scam you of money. Must be a national pastime or something.

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