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Offering my services for only $5

I’ve started playing around with fiverr.com, a site that allows you to offer or buy services or products that are made available for only $5. But you can also buy or sell ‘add-on’ services for extra amounts.

This page describes the value of it:

Financial Freedom

A recent study we conducted shows that as many as 86% of the entrepreneurs we surveyed were seeking job independence. More and more people are making Fiverr their go-to place to kickstart their journey to financial independence. With Fiverr, they are able to turn their skills and passions into an income, on their own terms. 14% of sellers already report Fiverr as their primary source of income.

And from there you can probably understand why I’m offering services there. At the moment it’s a bit of an experiment, to see what I can offer that people will be interested in purchasing. For only $5, it’s a bargain! Anyone can afford that.

I can appreciate that for $5, I’ll be creating templated service offerings, where I can receive $5 for something, and then quickly send them the information they require that’s already been made up. If I’m getting a dozen of these a day, it’s got to require next to no effort to provide the service being purchased.

So far I’ve got three services active (click on the links to see them in more detail):

  1. I will manage the administration of your WordPress blog for $5
  2. I will help you with meaningful dating and relationship advice for $5
  3. I will help you overcome your passive aggressive behaviour for $5

All three of them are services that I have knowledge, skill or expertise in. Numbers 2 and 3 are may only require a couple personalised paragraphs, along with some standard cut and paste of applicable strategies, and they’re easily done in exchange for $5.

Number 1, however, will be a bit more involved, which is why I’m offering my WordPress administration services at $5 per admin function. A client will be advised what is required with the administration of their site, and they can choose which of the ongoing services they want to purchase, and this will be the case for every time they want something done. If there’s regular administration requirements, then each occurrence will be another $5 that they manually purchase.

Alternatively, they can purchase add-on services that will purchase my service for ongoing administrator on a monthly basis, rather than as a per-function service.

But as I said, this is all an experiment to see what works and what doesn’t, and what can be modified or dropped altogether.

It’s the beginning of an ongoing exploration into online money making ventures. More will come, including eBooks to sell on Amazon, which I’m in the process of starting now.

I think I’ll also upgrade my email subscription service (once I’m about to publish to Amazon) to a paid subscription model, with the incentive for subscribers to receive all future eBooks for free, as part of their subscription.

If you have any other suggestions of your own, I’m all ears.

Thanks for reading! Please add your own thoughts below.

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