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Property investment again

The more I influence myself with books and seminars on property investment, the closer I'll get to actually getting off my arse and doing something about it.

I went to a property investment seminar tonight, which went for about 3.5 hours. It was pretty cool, teaching all kinds of things about buying property, equity, taxation, companies, trusts, etc etc.

While I've been working on reducing my debt and improving finances this year, I've been inspired to try harder. Not sure how much harder I can try without causing undue suffering though. The biggest 'harder' thing to do is sell my car and buy a smaller/cheaper car and use the difference to get rid of some of my debts. I think that's looking to be my only option.

I haven't done it because I love driving it, but I guess I've got to look at the cold hard facts of what I want to do. The longer I take to actually creating change in my life, the more it's going to cost me. The quicker I go about creating change, the faster I'm going to benefit.

I just gotta do it. So I'm starting this week. I'm going to make a concerted effort to sell off all the things I don't need in my life, starting with getting rid of the rubbish I've accumulated. Anything I haven't used in 3 years is stuff I'm not going to use and I'm either going to bin it or sell it.

The BMW is going to be one of those things that I have to get rid of to reduce debt.

Creating change is the best way to bring about the changes I want, and that I need.

A quote was used in the seminar tonight which hit home to me. "Don't use credit to buy anything that doesn't make you money."

If it's not going to make money for me, then don't use credit. If it's going to make money and can pay back the credit as well, then go for it.

I've got to start being financially smarter, instead of just enjoying the lifestyle I can have with what I've got.

Some people have 'llife-changing experiences' that make them change their ways instantly, in terms of their financial management and what they plan on doing with their money. Me, I've just been plugging away at it for the past couple of years, not really that serious about it, but slowly chipping away at not only my own barriers of financial self-sabotage, but also at the debts I have and the way I use my money.

But now, the buck stops here.

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