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Roaming around

I’ve called this ‘roaming around’ because I’ve been doing a lot of that lately I’ve been traveling quite a bit over the past few months; every month has seen me traveling somewhere interstate, sometimes multiple times.I think all this roaming around is a reflection of my roaming mind….

I’ve had a lot on my mind lately. As I’ve been traveling alone, I’ve had plenty of time to think. And while I’ve not thought of anything conclusive, I feel like my thoughts – and my travels – are leading me in a direction that seems to be resonating with me.

When I hired the 4WD back in December and drove around the countryside, I felt a feeling of freedom that gave me joy. Ever since then, driving around the bush and deserts of Australia has been on my mind a lot.

When I was coming back from Melbourne yesterday, I got a vision of me sitting beside a 4WD somewhere in the outback of Australia. The sun was setting, and the shadows of bushes and rocks were stretching across the landscape, and I was sitting there with my camera, taking photos of the landscape in the red light of a beautiful sunset.

The feeling I had when I saw this vision was something like, ‘This is what I should be doing…’

So I feel that my life is moving toward traveling around the bush, taking photos of the beauty that I discover. It feels right.

Of course, that’s just the feeling I get right now… What feeling will I have tomorrow?

We’ll just have to see, won’t we.

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