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The blog suspension is over

Almost a month ago I wrote that I was suspending this blog while I experimented with writing exclusively on Facebook. Well, the suspension is over, and I’m back to write exclusively on my blog. Here’s a few things that I’ve learned from the experience:

  1. Unless you’re already very popular, Facebook sucks for writing
  2. I was hamstrung with what I felt comfortable writing about, because I didn’t want to impose my topics upon my friends who didn’t sign up for it. At least with my blog, its audience consists of those who are interested in what I’m writing about.
  3. People on Facebook – at least amongst my friends and their friends – engage far more with my general updates than actual articles I wrote

So the end experience is that I’ll return to my blog, because at least I can feel more comfortable sitting back in my ol’ rocking chair and writing about what I want to write about, without caring too much about upsetting unsuspecting friends.

Ah, it’s good to be back, where I can have conversations with you.

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