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The stupidity of our politicians

This past week we’ve had the government show us they don’t understand the internet, even though they’re making laws about them. I’ll paraphrase our Attorney General explain some new data-capturing laws they want to introduce:

‘We’ll just capture the IP addresses that people are visiting, not the actual website address.’

But if you put an IP address into a browser, it’ll take you to the website address.

‘Well, the internet is like an envelope – we’re just going to capture the address on the envelope, but we won’t capture the contents of the envelope.’


When are younger, more technically literate people going to end up in positions of power?

Interestingly, I had a conversation with someone the other day who gave me some insight into how the public service works. I learned that like attracts like, even in the public service. Egotistical and ignorant people will be promoted to mix with egotistical and ignorant people.

It’s also true that our so called democracy caters to the majority, and we all know that the majority of people aren’t very intelligent, and so our politicians, in order to further their careers, have to align with the values of the majority.

And that’s why budgets for science and education are being downgraded, because the stupid majority don’t particularly care, and so neither do the politicians.

It makes me sad.

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