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We’re all going to live forever

I’ve been reading a bit lately about quantum physics and the interpretations of it that suggest we are immortal. And I like what I read. It’s fascinating stuff.

The interpretations go like this.

  1. For every choice or possibility, a new reality comes into existence in another universe where that possibility occurs.
  2. Our consciousness is not bound by this universe and is instead able to ‘jump’ between universes.
  3. Our reality is determined by our observation of it, and since we can never observe our own death, our reality will never be one where we die. Our consciousness will instead jump into a reality where we don’t die. Forever.

The way this would work is like this.

If you’re involved in a life-threatening event but there is a possibility that you would survive, then your consciousness would jump into that reality or universe where you did survive. You wouldn’t notice it, as jumping around between realities happens all the time. You never (rarely – more on this further down*) notice the transition.

In this way, your life as you know it would continue without interruption. You would continue to live on and on.

*I’ve noticed transitions in realities in my past, although at the time I wasn’t really sure. I’ve dreamt or had visions of realities where other possibilities occurred. One time while I was at work in New Zealand, maybe 12 years ago, I was sitting in my chair and then suddenly I jerked for no apparent reason. I looked around me but no one else seemed to have noticed. Things felt a little different, but I didn’t know how. It was sudden. I even thought then that maybe I’d jumped realities where I was in a new one that seemed mostly the same. I suspect now that this happens a lot, but we rarely notice the transition, but if we do, we disregard it because we don’t know what just happened.

There are an infinite number of universes with an infinite number of probabilities, where what is most probable will be what happens. Your consciousness will continue to exist in those universes where you never die. But to the people around you, if there is a high probability of your death occurring while they stay alive, then they will experience your death.

But they will be in a universe where your death occurred; you, however, will no longer be in that universe – you’ll have moved on to another universe where your death didn’t occur.

But here’s the question that fascinates me.

What if, in the universe you’re currently in, your death is the only inevitable result? What if there is no possibility of survival based on the circumstances you end up in?

Since you can never observe your own death but your death is the only thing that can happen, then your consciousness must jump to a universe where it continues to exist – even if that existence is without the body that it knows must have died.

Quantum physics seems to prove that there may be ‘life after death’, as well as life instead of death.

Since reality is determined by the observation of it, and your beliefs have a very strong play in how you observe your reality, then what you believe about death will form part of your reality ‘after death’.

Let me explain what I mean by that.

Say you’re going to commit suicide. You want to die, so you jump off a very tall building or bridge. The ONLY probability from this situation is that you will die. You’re not getting out of this alive. (Forget, for the time being, that there’s also a reality where you decided not to commit suicide.)

Since you can never observe your own death, you must somehow continue after death. But since you believe you’re dead, your consciousness must go to a universe that reflects your beliefs, reflects your observation, where you are a ‘spiritual being’ existing after death. You will mingle with other spiritual beings that also exist ‘after death’, or that never explored life as a physical being, and who might call themselves angels.

After you ‘died’ and went to this reality, you might decide that you want a new life in a new body to start again and do things differently next time. And so your consciousness enters a body in a universe in a location in a time period that allows you to experience what your consciousness wants to experience.

In an infinite number of universes with infinite probabilities, here you are. Immortal. Welcome back. I hope you enjoy this new life you’re living, and I hope it will be better for you than the last one.

Of course, this may also prove there’s a Hell if you believe you should go there after you die… What if you believe there is nothing after death? Then maybe your consciousness would exist in limbo for a while until you realise you still exist, then maybe you’d look for answers about ‘life after death’, and then maybe your consciousness would jump into other universes as you ‘wake up’.

What makes me terribly sad is the knowledge that if this is true (and I believe it is), there are universs where my my wife has to live without me because I died.

And it makes me sad that in this reality of my own immortality, my consciousness may jump into a universe where I survive some event but my wife doesn’t, and I have to live without her.

Being immortal means that I will always be in a universe where I continue to live, but those around me may end up dying. But I can’t get too caught up in probabilities, of course. I can’t get fixated on ‘what might be’, or ‘what is – in another universe’.

I just have to do the best I can to look after those I love, so that we can continue our journey through this life together for as long as possible. I pray that my consciousness jumps through universes where my wife is with me forever as well!

This is a fascinating thought experiment, with infinite possibility. But what about you? How do you feel about the probability you will live forever?

Thanks for reading! Please add your own thoughts below.

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