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The Warrior Sage

On the weekend I bought a book of Stuart Wilde's – "The Quickening". He talks about 'warrior sages', and lists those qualities in a warrior sage that people can aspire to. He talks about it as being a way of life for spiritual people, travelling the path that most don't, with the courage that most don't have.

I liked the concept, and knew from what he said that I, in accordance with the principles he presented, am a Warrior Sage. For ease of description, I present this that I found on a website this afternoon:

The warrior sage may be defined as a spiritual philosopher that brings meaning, peace and unity to the chaotic separateness of life. This wise one was known as a healer as well as a warrior and one who had quested through the mountains and the valleys of the earth. Being ever the spiritual truth-seeker, he/she focused on a life pilgrimage that embraced the experiential knowledge and wisdom of the unknown as well as the unity of creation.

It basically describes me! I am a truth-seeker, preferring to experience things for myself. I'm a healer as well as a warrior (although I'm the warrior that is the champion of others, rather than the brutish thug). I teach and I empower others to find their own way of living. I implore people to become more than they think they are right now.

This weekend has been quite amazing in relation to the things that I've learned. I feel I've expanded my consciousness in some way just over the past few days. I've learnt new things and explored new things. It's been awesome.

I went on the ferry to the South Island yesterday. It was a beautiful day for it, as the entire purpose of it was for Penny and I to take photos of the nice things we saw along the way. We left at 2pm, arrived at Picton at 5pm, went for a walk along the harbour and had a coffee, then went back to the boat to return to Wellington at 6pm, arriving back home at 9pm.

A very nice trip, with some excellent photos taken by both of us. I'll be putting up tonight the best that I took.

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