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Two weeks to go

img_0015a.jpgToday is Thursday, and two Thursdays from now – at this very time – I’ll be in Sydney looking for a car to buy. I did another check this morning for Ford Fairmonts, and it looks like I’ll be able to afford a 2000 model instead of just a ’96-’98 model. The question I have to ask myself is, do I get the model that I wanted 10 years ago, or do I get the model that’s newer and better? I think I’ll be getting the newer model, ’cause it makes sense to do so. It’ll last longer without needing as much maintenance, so ongoing costs are likely to be cheaper. It handles fuel efficiency slightly better than the older one, so it’ll be cheaper in fuel costs. So I think we’ll be getting the newer one.

Trademe, the NZ-based online auction site, has been an interesting experience. Most of the items I wanted to sell have been sold to the person who’s moving into this place after we leave, which is very convenient for us and them. The rest is being sold on Trademe, and it’s fun putting the stuff on, watching the bidding, and answering any questions people have. Most of what I’ve put on has sold for at least twice what I was expecting it to sell for, which has been great! Strangely enough, there’s been more interest in Deidre’s $1000 Mazda Astina than in my $3000 BMW 525i… However, I’m writing this from McDonalds McCafe opposite a car repair place. There’s a guy who works there who came for a test drive of the BMW last night and liked it. I took it to him today so he can get it up on the hoist and give it a good check. Hopefully it’ll meet his requirements and he’ll buy it off me. Whee!

Part of the organisation I’m doing requires selling stuff at the last minute. Deidre’s car can go straight away, but mine is going to be necessary to keep until the very last day we’re here! Transport is still going to be essential for us, to travel around and do stuff, and to take stuff to the rubbish tip. Hopefully the buyer, whoever it might be, will be understanding.

People ask the most interesting questions on trademe… probably on any auction site. On the car – “Can I give you half what you’re asking, ’cause your k’s are too high!!” Ummm… no. If I wanted only half then I wouldn’t be selling it for what I’m asking for, would I? I’d be selling it for half the price! On a chest of drawers – “Does it have borer beetles!” Ummm… no. If it had beetles in it, I’m sure that would need to be mentioned. Or really, why would I sell something with beetles in it? I’d be throwing it away!

I noticed someone was selling Eve Online 30-day access cards for NZ$33. I just had to ask them a question – “Why are you selling it for $33 when you can subscribe to the game for NZ$24 for 30 days?” His reply was how he needs to recoup Trademe fees, and they’re usually $25 via his online business. An $8 markup… I know the fees certainly aren’t $8, but hey, it’s business after all…

Our house is a mess. There’s stuff all over the place, still being sorted into various piles of ‘rubbish’ or ‘needed’. What’s needed is going to generally lie around until the moving company gets here in 13 days, on the 31st January. They’ll be packing everything into boxes, which is going to take up to two months to arrive in Canberra. What we really, really need is going to have to fit into our luggage to be taken on the plane with us. That’s basically our clothes that we’ll need. Since we have more clothes than we have space for in our luggage, I think we might need to box some of it and just buy more when we get to Canberra. I think we’ll be requiring a new wardrobe anyway, since the weather is completely different.

All good fun!

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