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Use the Law of Attraction to find love

Have you ever noticed that when you want something, you start to see it wherever you look? If you want a particular new car, for example, you start seeing it more often. Until you started desiring it, you never even noticed it! This is the law of attraction: what we desire, we attract to ourselves.

Our thoughts create our reality, and the more we think of something, the more it becomes real in our lives.

The thing about the law of attraction is that it attracts to you exactly what you have on your mind. The problem is that most people have the wrong things on their mind. When you spend a great deal of your energy thinking about what you don’t want, then the universe will respond by giving you exactly what you don’t want. It thinks that if it’s on your mind, then you actually want it! (By ‘universe’, I also mean God, Buddha, Allah… whatever is your ultimate higher power.)

You have to look at what you’re actually saying in your head.

  • “I don’t deserve someone fantastic…”
  • “No man’s ever going to want me….”
  • “I’m so ugly I’m just going to disgust any woman who looks at me…”
  • “I’m not worth having a handsome man with me…”
  • “I’m too shy….”

Change what you say!

  • “I deserve someone fantastic…”
  • “Every woman is going to want me…”
  • “I’m so attractive, men are just going to throw themselves at me…”
  • “I’m worth having a beautiful man with me…”
  • “I’m super confident!”

When you start turning it around in your head, it gets turned around in your life.

You might not believe it, but if you start getting yourself into the mindset of saying those things to yourself on a daily basis, they are going to have an effect on you. You’re going to start believing SOME of them, at least, and that’s a great start.

The reason we don’t get what we want from our life and relationships is because we’re attracting the wrong things. We need to truly understand that to get what we want, we need to ask for what we want. We need to visualise what we want.

When all we ask for and all we see are the things we don’t want, then that’s all we’ll continue seeing in our life.

Think of the car analogy. You’ll see more of the car that you want when you really desire it. However, if you absolutely loathe a particular car, you’re going to see that more often too!

What is in your mind and receives energy and emotion from you, is what’s going to be in your life.

So to find love you really need to focus on the kind of person that you want to love and be loved by. You need to see them in your mind with you and you need to see them happy about being with you. You need to feel the emotions of what it would be like to be with the partner of your dreams.

It’s important to understand what physical attributes, behaviours, values, beliefs and interests are important to you. Understanding them will allow you to focus on what you want in a relationship with someone, instead of what you don’t want.

Many people go from one failed relationship to another without really thinking about why their relationships keep failing. Instead of looking at themselves and what they’re attracting by what’s on their mind, they blame other people, their past or the situations they get into.

But really, the reason the relationships keep failing is because people are always thinking about what they don’t want, and so they end up creating it!

What they should be doing is thinking about what they DO want. Develop a very clear idea of what they want in a relationship, and they will start to get it.

There’s a saying – ‘there’s no such thing as a perfect relationship’. Well, there is a perfect relationship, but it won’t happen by searching for what you don’t want. It’ll only come by understanding what you DO want, and holding that in your mind.

An exercise in attracting the perfect relationship

On a piece of paper write down everything you want in your perfect relationship. What is he or she like? How do they talk, smell, look? What will you be doing together? How do you feel when you’re around them?

You need to really get into this and write down every single detail. Let your imagination run wild. Refine it as necessary, but make sure it’s not unrealistic. Keep it real, but keep it ‘perfect’. Take as long as you need, as it’s the key to your ultimate success.

Most people never write down what they want, and yet it’s the single most important step to use the law of attraction in finding the perfect partner and perfect relationship.

You can also use this with everything that you want. Writing it down in great detail dramatically increases your chances of getting it. But make sure you go into every little detail about it, whatever it is.

And then, you need to do one more thing. Make sure you don’t doubt yourself. Assume that there’s nothing stopping you from getting what you really want. Not money, or looks, or time, or anything else.

You can have anything that you want. Just imagine…

By being extremely clear in your mind about what you want, you are helping the universe give it to you. Define it exactly, and you’ll get it.

Here’s another analogy for you, to help you understand how it works:

Imagine going to a restaurant and ordering a hamburger. The waiter goes off with your order. Then you change your mind, and you change the order to a steak. They go to make it. Before the steak arrives, however, you change your mind again and order a salad. At this point, most waiters are likely to tell you to go make it yourself!

The universe, of course, won’t tell you to go make it yourself, but you can probably see how difficult it would be for the universe to give you what you want if you don’t even know what you want!

Going back to that exercise… make sure you write it down. Take the time to do it, it’s very important!

Now that you’re clear about what you really desire in a partner, take that bit of paper and fold it up. Carry it around with you for at least a week, in your pocket, purse, wallet or even in your underwear. It doesn’t matter, as long as it’s always with you. Every time you remember it, take it out and read it, and enjoy the feelings in your mind of what it would be like to be with this partner of your dreams.

Feel it!

And then make sure you do the following…

During this week that you carry it around with you, make sure you listen to your inner voice or your instincts. If it tells you to stop at the supermarket on the way home when you normally go to the corner store, then do it! You just might meet your perfect partner there.

What you’ve done is ‘placed your order’ with the universe, and now you need to make sure you watch out for the signs to tell you that your order is ready.

That’s all there is to it. Remember, once you use this to get your perfect partner, use it for anything else that you want. The car, house, job, boat, holiday…. anything at all! Write it down, detail it in minute detail, and then carry it around with you.

Your imagination determines your life. Use it to create the life of your dreams.

Thanks for reading! Please add your own thoughts below.

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