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What’s your shadow sign?

I saw a link on Facebook to an article called What’s your shadow sign, and followed it ’cause I was curious. I’m always curious about things that might provide greater insight into who I am and why.


The article was interesting, in that it pointed out that there are higher and lower elements of our starsigns.

…each sign has a strong shadow side that is present until you can consciously evolve your behaviors and learn to tap into the highest light of that sign.

My starsign is Sagittarius, and it said:

Shadow–Can be very, very blunt, combative, self-righteous, overly connected to freedom, religious or political fanatic, and can have a tendency to preach what they believe is right.

Higher vibration–A teacher, truth seeker, explorer, traveler, adventurer, strong intuition, knowledge of the universe, deep desire to continually learn and expand their mind.

Basically there’s a dark side to my personality and a light side. I recognise that the dark side has me exploring – or ‘preaching’ – what I believe is right, on topics relating to equality, politics and freedom. Interesting. The light side of my personality is all about seeking the truth, exploration, adventure and travel, intuition, reality and expanding my mind.

I can definitely see that there’s a conflict between my light and dark sides, represented by the fragmented topics on this blog. Now that I can see the ‘dark side’ of my personality that’s reflected in what I write about, I’d like to focus more on my ‘light side’and write more of those relevant articles, moving away from the dark side.

There might even be some removing of articles that reflect the darkness I’m not particularly happy about.

Thanks for reading! Please add your own thoughts below.

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