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White Light Protection

Existing as beings of energy in a world of energy, we are affected by the energy around us, and affect it in return. Sometimes the energy that affects us isn’t a positive energy. It can be simply ‘negative’, or downright harmful. And sometimes the harmful energy is simply a side effect of events occurring that affect us in a harmful way. Eg. a violent storm knocks over a tree just as we’re driving under it, and it crashes down on our car. That’s just the energy around us in motion in a way that can be harmful to us. It’s not negative, it just is.

Also, a negatively inspired person can be harmful because they are unaware of, or don’t care, about the wellbeing of others. Their actions are centred entirely around themselves and their own misguided view of what’s best for them. As a result of their actions, people around them get hurt.

But those negative actions are still just energy being manipulated in some fashion, just like most of us manipulate energy around us (people and events) for positive outcomes. While I look at some energy being negative, in essence it is simply the motivation behind it that is negative and makes it that way. Energy is neutral – it is just there. It’s what happens that is perceived as negative or positive.

A large ocean wave breaking over a beachside shack and destroying it, carrying the occupants out into the ocean and drowning them, does not make the ocean evil. It doesn’t make the event a negative one. What makes it negative is our interpretation of it.

However, just like we can create breakers to prevent FUTURE occurrences of waves causing harm, so can we use white light to prevent future occurrences of harm in our lives.

Before I discuss how, I’ll put in this quote from Stuart Wilde’s The Quickening.

…most people believe that in order to protect themselves psychically, all they need to do is put a bubble of white light ’round their aura, with their mind. The reason they believe this is that the Theosophists put the idea out, and others, such as Dion Fortune in her book Psychic Self Defense, parroted the concept.In fact, if you understand the etheric, you will know that the white light bubble is not really of much use to you. Think of this – if you feel threatened though to take time to attempt to defend yourself, that says a lot right there. In whatever situation you find yourself, if you do not feel that your energy is bigger than the situation is, then it isn’t. If it were, you would not be messing about with protecting yourself. The action, in itself, contains an inherent affirmation of weakness.

A wimpy person with a shield is still a wimpy person. And because one’s energy is not strong and consolidated, whatever shield one places around oneself with the mind rests on a brittle base and is easily penetrated. Imagine a midget confronting a 400-pound giant. The giant is holding an ax. The midget has his little bubble on. The giant steps forward and squashes him, bubble and all.

Now if that shield is all that you have going for you, fine, but your best strength comes from feeling centred and secure and knowing that the goodness of the Great Spirit is in your heart. It is impossible for you to defend yourself from every psychic intrusion projected at you. But if your inner essence is basically good, any psychic intrusion that may penerate finds nothing on which to feed, and so, melts away.

While some of his thoughts about this have merit, particularly the requirement to be centred in one’s own strength, I disagree that using a ‘bubble’ of white light is pointless.

I agree with Stuart Wilde that white light protection is useless when you are IN an event that is happening. However, spiritual energy is not affected by time. As spiritual beings, we are aware of possible future events. So when you understand this, using white light protection is a means of preventing something FROM happening, rather than protecting yourself against what IS happening. Our own personal strength and centredness will carry us through an event if we get involved in it. White light protection will help us prevent involvement.

Using Stuart’s analogy about the midget and the giant, white light can and should work like this instead:

If the midget practiced white light protection on a daily basis, and reinforces it every time he wakes up, steps out of the house, goes for a walk, etc, then it will ensure that on the day the giant is wandering the land, either one of them will make a different choice and follow a different path, the end result being that the midget and giant never actually meet.


White light protection is simply a method of preventing you from being involved in something that is likely to cause harm. It’s not meant to protect you from harm as it’s happening, and that’s where a lot of people misunderstand the nature of energy and working with it. Creating a shield against an ax dropping down on may very well be too little, too late. But preventing you or that ax from ever meeting up DOES work.

(Oh, and there ARE other forms of protection against events that you are involved in as they are happening, but they’re not related to white light protection methods and are a different form of protection altogether. I’ll talk about those in another article.)

In order to protect myself on a daily basis, I am often reciting a prayer or invocation in my head, and as I’m reciting it, I’m visualising myself receiving the protection of the universe, and that it’s working forwards in time. As I’m driving, I’m visualising a satellite image of me driving along, and the image shows me encased in light which surrounds me, and extends forwards along the road. As events and objects are met by the light, they may change direction (particularly if they may cause me any grief), and by the time I reach their location, they’re somewhere else or doing something else. Working with the light in this method can help protect you from harm by turning it away or changing it before you meet it.

Of course, I keep in mind that I’m responsible for my actions, and the safety of others, and that’s a very definite method of protecting yourself – being respectful of yourself and others.

The words I use to bring protection to me are below. I use the term ‘God’ because that’s what I’m comfortable with. You can use ‘Universe’, ‘Higher Power’, ‘Allah’, whatever you’re comfortable with. As I say them, I feel the strength inside of me being fuelled with the energy of the universe, helping me and protecting me.

In the name of God I call upon the protection of the Spirits of Light
To stand guard at the doorway of my soul
To protect me from any negative, evil and harmful energies.
I follow the path of Love, Light and Truth
And I commit myself to the Light.

I hope this article has been, and will be, of some assistance to you as you move forward in life, in safety and in health.

Thanks for reading! Please add your own thoughts below.

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