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Writing 500 words every day

When I’ve been in the mood in the past, I’ve been able follow a plan in the past to write 500 words a day. But one of the things that’s important is that in order to write interesting articles, you must have an interesting life. You must be doing something – or have done something – that you can draw upon as inspiration.

When I was out of work for so long just recently, I had a very non-interesting life, and so it was difficult to find interesting things to write about.

In the past month I’ve had dental issues. That’s been interesting, so I’ve written about it. Next week I’m off to Bali for a holiday. That’s going to be interesting too, so I’ll be also be writing about that. And there’ll be photos, so that’s even better!

If you want to write interesting articles for others to read and comment upon, you have to find something interesting about your life, even if it’s your unique perspective of other people’s lives.

Unless I’m enjoying an interesting life on a daily basis, it’s difficult to write interesting stuff every day. It’s one of the reasons why I gave up on it, as I was starting to feel stressed and pressured by trying to find something interesting in an uninteresting life, and was starting to feel burnt out by it.

Wouldn’t it be nice to travel somewhere new every week or month. Wouldn’t it be fantastic to have new and wonderful experiences every single day! That would give you something to write about.

It’s possible. And it’s still my dream to have new and wonderful experiences every day. And if you hold onto your dream long enough and continue doing things in your life to move towards your dream, one day you’ll find yourself living your dream.

So what am I doing to move towards my dream? I’m always reading about travel writers and their adventures. I’m speaking to others on social media who are doing what I want to do – travelers and writers. I’m looking at websites with information about the countries I want to visit. I think about it every day. I think about what I need to do to bring opportunities into my life that will allow me to follow my dream.

Another of the important things that will bring about my dream is being ‘location independent’, but to do that I’ll also need to be ‘office independent’. I need to be able to earn money in some way that doesn’t rely on being fixed in one location.

I thought that setting myself up as a web designer would work out really well. But not well enough. Not yet at least. It has potential, but it’s not currently consistent. What’s needed is more than one source of online income.

So I’ve also been looking into learning a programming language, so that I can become a programmer/coder. That would also be helpful in developing further income streams, allowing me to travel and enjoy new experiences, while still earning money online.

Always looking for opportunities, or creating opportunities. That’s what you have to do to create an interesting life and write about it.

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