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Writing an interesting life

Back in 2013 I struggled to write 1,000 words a day. That’s a lot of words. Then in 2014 I was writing 500 words a day, but realising how difficult it is to write so much when you have a life where nothing’s happening. To write interesting articles, you must have an interesting life. In 2015 I dropped it to 200 crappy words a day. Certainly a lot easier than 500 or 1,000 words a day, but still difficult when you don’t have an interesting life.

I was reading something today which reminded me of all this. A random blogger doing their own 200 words a day. What they were writing about doesn’t matter, so I’m not going to link to it. What matters is that it re-inspired me to get back into doing something I used to do every day. Whether it’s 200 words, or 500, or even 1000 words a day, it doesn’t matter. Just write. Every day. And as I wrote in one of my previous posts about this:

You’ll have to put up with some crap along the way, but hopefully there’ll be some good stuff occasionally that you’ll enjoy.

Of course, I’ll still try to create or remember an interesting life along the way so I have something interesting to write!

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