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It’s not over yet

Back in 2016 I wrote It’s time to be quiet for a while. Well… I’ve been quiet for a while! My last post was early December last year, over 10 months ago. That’s the longest I’ve been quiet on this blog.

I’m back now.

A lot has been happening since I last wrote. I went on a driving tour of Tasmania over Xmas and New Year. I went to Macua and Hong Kong in March for a week. I bought a new (used) 2015 BMW 535i when I got back from Hong Kong. I’ve been working. I’ve been gaming. I’ve been watching the news and social media and how society is changing. I’ve been planning a two week holiday to Abu Dhabi, Athens and Santorini for next month. I’ve been learning how to invest in shares and setting up a retirement plan to use shares trading and dividends to complement my superannuation into retirement.

What a year.

I’ve been thinking lately about what to write about. While this blog is about my journey through life, 2018 has been a year (up until now) where I just haven’t felt like writing. That started in 2015, and I’ll share the comments that led to now…

November 18 2015 – I’ve been through the desert

…after going offline for 3 days out in the desert I came back out of it a changed man. I don’t know what’s changed, but it feels profound, and I’m still trying to work it out. It’s been over a month since we returned from the desert and returned to normal life, and I just haven’t been motivated to write while I’m still processing…

November 20, 2015 – Seek the light

My spiritual journey has gone through a number of phases and had its ups and downs over the past 25 years. It feels like I’m entering a new stage of it now… I realised that I was getting too caught up in the distractions of social media’s outraged presentation of the world, and taking a break (even only for a few days) helped me see that I needed to make some significant changes in my life to break away from the angry and fearful darkness that everyone else is getting caught up in.

November 25, 2015 – Rediscovering the Warrior Sage

…most of my writing over the years has been an experiment. Since 1998, I’ve explored various themes, styles and topics with my writing and watched where they took me…

December 25, 2015 – Monitoring the ego

…I’m reviewing where my ego sits in the choices I’m making. Some of my blog posts recently have been part of this process of self analysis….

February 3 2016 – It’s time to be quiet for a while

I feel the need to avoid writing and stay silent for a while…. Things are shifting in me, and I feel like quieting the ego for a while. Since blogging is ego expressing itself, this includes quieting my writing. I’m sure I’ll be back into the writing soon however, as a break is always refreshing.

October 6 2016 – I’ll explore a new writing style

…if nothing much is happening or inspiration fails me, then I just haven’t bothered TRYING to write something. Of course, there’s also the other aspect that there’s a lot happening but I don’t know how to write about it in interesting ways. So I write nothing.

And here we are today. Almost a year of writing nothing.

I’ve been pondering it for a few months, wondering why I’ve been writing nothing. Because it’s the first time in almost 20 years of writing for this blog that I’ve gone for so long without writing anything.

Today I was speaking with a friend who suggested I just get back into it. Stop thinking about it and just do it. Well ok then…

Seems reasonable. So I’m back into it now. 😀

My silence has given me some space to watch the world. How the world is changing is going to have an effect on my life, and the lives of others. I’m going to be writing about that. It might be controversial. But that’s not something I’ve really avoided in the past. 🙂

I’m also coming up to my 20th anniversary of writing online. In November it will be 20 years that I’ve been blogging, although back in the late 90’s it was called online journaling, and I was an online journaler instead of a blogger. But since it’s approaching my 20th anniversary, that’s also been on my mind. I can’t just disappear now. I have to keep going.

This is about my journey, after all. It’s not over yet.

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