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The future is never certain


In the past I used to be an active psychic, with one of my abilities being able to read the energy of people and items to see past or future events. My experiences with psychometry and clairvoyance helped me understand that the following concept is real: multiple realities exist based on the different choices available to us, with the visible future being the one that is most likely, but not necessarily the one that is eventually chosen.

When clairvoyants see someone’s future, they’re seeing the most likely future at that time. This can and often does change due to free will and random actions. I’ve seen futures that have come to pass in their entirety, or have come to pass in only some ways, or haven’t come to pass at all. For example: many years ago I saw a friend walking around her car, a silver sedan, which was off the road with a wheel stuck in a ditch; she was fine, but the car was stuck. However, she had a red station wagon rather than a silver sedan, so she was confused what it meant. A few months later her workplace gave her a silver sedan to drive as a work car and called me in a panic. I told her to calm down. In my vision she was fine, but it might mean she should just make sure to drive carefully. She drove it for about 3 years and had no incidents.

Clairvoyant experiences like this taught me that the future is not set in stone, and any visions are only the most likely future. Through free will, new information that might change our choices, or events that change the choices for us, the future we’ve seen can change.

But I also believe that all people can see their future, by developing trust in their ability to ‘imagine’ the consequences of the choices they see. This is developing the spiritual sense of clairvoyance, or ‘clear vision’, but it requires trust that the future you see in your mind might very well be true.

The only way to be sure is to experiment and record the results. Imagine the likely outcomes of various issues in your life, based on who you are today and what you want to achieve. Write them down so you have a record of them, and then refer back to them every now and again to monitor progress. If any of your imagined outcomes come true, or even just parts of them come true, then it’s very likely that you’re developing your own ability to see your future.

As you explore this, and start experiencing success with it (and you will, trust me), start imagining things are unrelated to your life today and may even be unlikely but still within the realms of possibility within your life. Write them down too, and see if any of them come true in any way. This is developing your ability to see parts of your future that are unrelated to your present life, but still valid.

We’re always subject to the consequences of our own actions, but we’re also affected by the unknown and unforeseen consequences of other people’s actions or even random actions of nature. By developing our ability to trust our ‘imagination’, we’re actually developing the ability to trust that we’re seeing likely futures, even if those futures could be outside anything we could imagine. Trust in the process.

This can help you make better decisions in your life, and if you share what you learn and see, you can also help other people make better decisions. I think that’s an outcome worth striving for.

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