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Welcome to the new illusion

I was one of the first to predict that Trump would win the election back in May this year. And it’s quite a nice feeling to have been right. Yesterday I wrote this on Facebook:

Everything you thought was right, was wrong. The polls were wrong. The media was wrong. You were wrong. They told you Trump was an idiot, a buffoon, a loser. Could such a person have gotten this far? They told you that Clinton would win. You were manipulated into believing a mass hallucination. It wasn’t real. Your confirmation bias encouraged you to believe in the illusion.

You didn’t even notice. I tried to tell you, but you didn’t believe me. You laughed. Who’s laughing now? But really, I’m sad that you didn’t look at this objectively. You got caught up in the hallucination of identity politics. I hope you learn something from this, but I’m not sure you will.

There was a war going on, a war on your mind. It didn’t matter who you supported, they were both trying to persuade you into believing their illusion. Whichever one you wanted to identify with, it was their illusion you chose to embrace. Trump was the better persuader. His illusion ended up being the most attractive to the most people, despite it being ridiculed by those who supported Clinton’s illusion instead.

This was never about policy, or who was the best person for the country. This was about who could persuade the most people to support their illusion. It was always going to be Trump who won, despite the scandals. Because none of it mattered against the art of persuasion, of which Trump is a master.

Welcome to a new world. A new illusion. I’m excited to see where the people’s choice will take us.

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