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Where’s my damn camera!!!

I was walking home tonight after after a couple of drinks with a friend, and I was walking about 10 yards behind this guy walking in front of me. Then he stopped and watched a guy walking past him, walking towards me, and then he followed a few steps before turning back around and continuing walking. I was thinking, 'hmm, that looks a bit dodgy', and then I glanced at the guy walking towards me and back at the other one – and then a hard glance again at the guy who was now walking past me – not 3 feet away was FRODO! Ummm… Elijah Woods.



He looked just like anyone else would look. He had a brown suede jacket with light brown denim pants, his collar was turned up against the wind. He had a carry-bag/backpack slung over his right shoulder.

But it was the eyes. They were the first thing I noticed. They're very distinctive – in the movie (Lord of the Rings, in case you don't know who I'm talking about), and in real life.

So I realised why the guy walking in front of me had stopped and looked at him. He wasn't looking for trouble after all, as it initially looked like, but was instead probably 'freaking out' as well.

How many times in your life do you get to walk past THE main actor from Lord of the Rings?

So anyway. I really do have to keep my camera with me at all times now…

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